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I am open to joining another Event panel in need of speakers, my topic would work well on Marketing, Development, Strategy, and Small Startup Tracks

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Email is an indispensable tool to remind customers of an online presence and serves as the only way for dot coms to engage with customers when there is no storefront for them to visit, yet it often gets treated as an afterthought with most companies lacking a team dedicated to email marketing and transactions. In this presentation I will share best practices on how to create an effective email campaign whether it be to welcome new customers and make a valuable first impression, notify them of a purchase or other transaction, or keep them engaged with the latest offerings. I will cover all components of producing a an effective email campaign including content strategy to keep customers engaged and avoid unsubscribes, designing for inboxes from desktop to mobile, optimizing across the infinite number of email user interfaces, as well as the many (often unknown) limitations faced on these platforms and effective strategies to overcome them.

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