Get Shit Done and Still Go to Yoga: Holistic Productivity for Entrepreneurs

Amy Segreti

Event description

As an entrepreneur or freelancer, you know how important it is to follow through with high-powered motivation and drive—but, you still want to be able to sustain the holistic, nurturing aspects of your life. In this workshop, I’ll show you how to craft your day from the inside out so you can have time for both. This workshop is for you if: You already work for yourself (or want to) but find it hard to stick to a schedule; You struggle with finding the time for your loved ones, pleasure, play; You want to get shit done and feel productive—but you want to do it all while maintaining time for the things that really matter. Join me for an electric workshop where you will receive guidelines, blueprints and tangible worksheets to help you design a schedule that really works for you—the complete, authentic you who will love how you live, every day.

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